The No Bullshit Aussie Guide To Islam *

This website has not been written to offend Muslims, it has been written to show Australians why the teachings of Islam should offend them. We should find the teachings of Islam and the actions of Muhammad offensive and dangerous, not because we're bigoted and ignorant but because we have a thorough knowledge and understanding. This website is not mainly about Muslims, most of whom want live peacefully and happily, it is about Islam the fascist social control system and religion, its vicious "prophet" Muhammad and its despicable version of God, Allah.

ISIS Beheading***BE WARNED *** This guide often uses raw, earthy language that anyone can understand. It discusses violent, sometimes terrible, events that began in 622AD and the conquests, the persecution and oppression and enslaving of non-Muslims that continued until the Dar al-Islam became militarily weak.

Muslims may find this website offensive if they expect or demand that Allah, Muhammad and Islam must only be spoken of with respect. Muslims claim Muhammad is the perfect role model for humanity and I find this deeply offensive. This is a man who was allowed to move to the town of Yathrib (Medina) and who ordered treacherous attacks on the Jewish landholders, had those who defended themselves killed, stole their goods and even sat and watched while hundreds of them were beheaded - like he was watching the football. He waged war on innocent communities and then took surviving women and girls and raped them and kept them as slaves and told his followers that God ordered them to do the same … or else. Apologists claim that this was an unfortunate period that the peace-loving Muhammad had to endure to bring the violent, warlike Arabs into unity and peace and a just community of social equals.

This would certainly be admirable if that is what happened but after whipping the Arabs into line he then sent them on centuries of warfare and conquest (jihad) of non-Muslims and constant internal warfare amongst themselves. There never was a Dar-al Islam (Abode of Peace) in which all men were equal and the destruction by Muslims was only matched in the 20th century when Europeans had developed methods of industrial killing that didn't require swords and spears. Muslims attacked, killed, stole and raped all over the world for more than a thousand years and only stopped when they were defeated. Of course so did Christians but they did it despite their God's commandments, not because of them.

Many Muslims take offense at any criticism or portrayal of Muhammad no matter how divorced from their own lives it may be. Whether it's in a book they cannot read, cartoons they will never see, a movie that only had a trailer or a magazine they do not read. They express their anger in pointless, violent public demonstrations that do nothing but increase disrespect of Islam in the West. Any reasonably unbiased Australian studying Muhammad's life and Allah's ranting soon realises that they do not deserve our respect, they deserve our contempt. We should not be silent out of politeness or fear of being labelled racist or hateful. If Muslims are to live in Australia they cannot expect that their sacred cows should be granted unjustifiable respect.

ISIS BeheadingMost of the criticisms of Muhammad, Allah and Islam made on this website only make sense if you believe that if God exists, God must be good, that God loves human beings and wants to make their lives enjoyable and pain-free. If you think it's okay that God is obsessed with having everybody obey Muhammad's weird set of rules and happily orders Muslims to terrorise and tyrannise everybody else and promises eternal punishment in a burning hell for anyone who doesn't believe he's the Greatest and Most Merciful then you'll wonder what I'm on about. The minimum morality any religion should teach is the Golden Rule and as far as I understand it, nobody on Earth has ever wanted to be attacked, murdered, pillaged or raped by Arabs so, to me, Allah and Muhammad fail the test.

The powers-that-be and media talking heads seem to have decided the small and powerless Muslim community in Australia should be handled with kid gloves. They claim that radicalisation of Muslims is caused by racism, disrespect for Islam and lack of "engagement" with Muslims by the majority community even though the Muslim terrorists have often explained their beliefs. That's right, we're the ones causing the problem! Criticism of Muslims is supposedly evidence of "a bullyingly racist agenda" and Islamophobia. Despite media hype so far Islam and "terrorism" are really very minor problems in Australia and can easily be kept that way simply by ending Muslim immigration into Australia.

Obviously only a small percentage of Muslims really want to fight in the cause of Allah but to pretend that members of ISIS and al-Qaeda are not Muslims doing their best to imitate Muhammad's actions and obey Allah's commandments is ridiculous and counter-productive. Any young Muslim men brought up to believe that Muhammad is a "perfect example of an honest, just, merciful, compassionate, truthful, and brave human being" who "strove solely for the sake of God", can easily find out anything they want to about Muhammad's actions, his closest companions and the Muslim conquests with just a mobile phone. They will then decide who they believe is the true Muslim, those preaching peace or those preaching jihad.

Are we approaching the Clash of Civilisations or is war in the Middle East and Islamic terrorism a temporary phenomenon that will soon be over? Ending Muslim immigration into Australia will ensure we suffer the least possible violence and social problems already causing concern in Europe, minimise the possibility of murderous rampages a la Paris, New York, London, Madrid, Brussels, Bali, etc and prevent, as far as possible, any future home grown terrorism. There are plenty of non-Muslim refugees whose communities are currently suffering genocide by Muslims available to assuage Australian consciences.

* This website does not believe Allah exists except as a figment of Muhammad's imagination. Muhammad's "revelations" were his own creations whether consciously thought out or not is irrelevant. Constant repetitions of these points will not be spread thoughout the web-site though they should be self-evident. God may or may not exist but in either case Allah is not God. My views on Muhammad and Allah are based on a skeptical and minimalist assessment of their actions and teachings as recorded in the Quran (the Muslim Bible), the Hadith (stories about his life validated by Muslim scholars) and the Sira (his biography). While I understand that positive and extensive explanations, extenuations and justifications of these can and have been made by Muslims in the past 1200 years, I am a skeptical pessimist with an eye to the worst case scenario. You can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear and no amount of centuries of thoughtful Muslim scholarship can alter the despicable roots of this religion.

While this website is satirical, sarcastic and often scurrilous all the information about Muhammad and Islam is sourced from authorised Islamic sources.
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It is difficult to put your views out in public when they are stongly critical of other peoples' religious beliefs and culture. Especially when doing it will have little effect but may attract strong personal criticism. However, in Australia we all have the right to express our views and so many people express views on this topic I consider false and harmful that I decided to give it a go. It just took time to collect the information from inside my mind, put it through my fingers to the keyboard and ensure I had the facts right.