These are not the Christians Overboard murderersOverboard

Many Muslim apologists continue to repeat that fears of Muslim immigration have gone overboard.

In more than one case it has been a literal overboard for Christians fleeing Africa and seeking a new life in Europe. When Muslims in the boats discovered they were Christians they were thrown overboard in the middle of the Mediterranean. Of course, there is no way of knowing how many times these crimes have gone undiscovered as the crimes are only reported if someone has a guilty conscience or has been able to hide their religion and reported to European authorities.

So exactly who is going overboard about Muslims?

Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard - CNN, April 19 2015

Rome (CNN) Muslims who were among migrants trying to get from Libya to Italy in a boat this week threw 12 fellow passengers overboard - killing them - because the 12 were Christians, Italian police said Thursday. Italian authorities have arrested 15 people on suspicion of murdering the Christians at sea, police in Palermo, Sicily, said. The original group of 105 people left Libya on Tuesday in a rubber boat. Sometime during the trip north across the Mediterranean Sea, the alleged assailants - Muslims from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal - threw the 12 overboard, police said.

Even when the Muslim refugees get to Europe the persecution of Christian refugees doesn't end.

German activists decry attacks on Christian refugees in asylum centers - Deutsche Welle, May 9 2016

German refugee centers need to offer more protection to non-Muslims, Christian organization Open Doors Germany said on Monday, while presenting a new report in Berlin. The organization's head, Markus Rode, spoke of a rising climate of "fear and panic" among the newcomers. … According to survey, an overwhelming majority (88 percent) said they have been targeted by other migrants because of their religion. Additionally, almost one-half of survey participants accused guards of discriminating against religious minorities or harassing them. In Germany's refugee housing, both the migrants and the security personal are mostly Muslim.

'Majority' of Christians in refugee centres have suffered abuse from Muslims - Express, May 11 2016

GERMAN migrant centres are not doing enough to protect Christians in camps as most have suffered abuse from Muslim refugees and guards, a shock new report claims. According to the study, which was published by the Christian organisation Open Doors Germany, more than 80 per cent of Christian refugees feel abandoned, particularly converts from Islam to Christianity. A "huge majority" have suffered attacks, abuse or other forms of harassment in reception centres since arriving in the country according to Open Doors, a Christian aid organization. It claimed over 80 percent of Christian refugees had suffered at the hands of Muslims at refugee camps set up to deal with the influx of 1.2 million people into Germany during the last 17 months.

Over 300 Christians Assaulted by Muslims at Refugee Camps in Germany, Report Reveals - Christian Post, May 16 2016

The German-language report "Religiously Motivated Attacks on Christian Refugees in Germany," produced by the German branch of persecution watchdog group Open Doors, was released last week, though the The Gatestone Institute provided an analysis on Sunday which broke down the numbers and figures. The report warns that German authorities and police might be purposefully downplaying such incidents in order to avoid the "taboo" topic of Muslims attacking Christian refugees, keeping in mind the growing anti-immigration sentiments in the country.

Migrant 'attacked in German refugee camp for converting to Christianity' - Express, July 15 2016

A MAN accused of attacking a migrant for converting to Christianity is now claiming he is 19 in a bid to be tried in a juvenile court. The Afghan, named only as Mohebolla A, is alleged to have attacked an Iranian migrant with a baton knocking him unconscious and causing severe head injuries at a refugee camp in Hamburg, Germany. He initially told an adult criminal court he was 22 but after facing a charge of attempted murder now claims he is 19 and says the victim hit himself with the baton. In Germany, defendants under the age of 21 can be tried in juvenile courts and receive lesser sentences. Mohebolla is now on trial for a second time following the dispute over his age.

Christian Convert Attacked by Muslim Refugees in Germany - Christian Post, July 22 2016

A migrant who spoke about his conversion to Christianity was reportedly beaten unconscious with a baton by Muslim refugees inside a German camp. The unnamed 24-year-old Iranian was saved by more than a dozen onlookers who pulled the attacker off of him, according to the Daily Express, Security officials in Hamburg-Eidelstedt, Germany, have opened an investigation into the near-fatal attack. Western countries in Europe and North America continue to debate what role they will play in admitting refugees fleeing IS in the Middle East. The Obama administration has been criticized by human rights groups for its pledge to take only take up-to 10,000 refguees, despite the fact that the U.S. has given close to $4 billion in terms of humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees. Christian leaders in the U.K. have also expressed concerns that their government's policies are discriminating against Christian refugees in favor of Muslims.