Muslim Hypocrites

I don't hate Muslims but what I really do hate is articles that say anyone against further Muslim immigration into Australia is a hate-filled racist and they should be outed and humiliated, shunned and shamed. Racists, bigots, far-right fringe, Islamophobes, neo-Nazis … there's no end to the labels they use instead of using reasoned arguments. I'd say a majority of Australians are concerned with Islamic terror attacks even though we're not terrified and would prefer no more Muslim immigration, just in case. It's not as if there aren't plenty of refugees of all colours who aren't Muslim available. And it also pisses me off that these hypocrites claim that Muslim radicalism isn't a problem with Islam, it's the fault of non-Muslims. What sort of religion requires respect from non-believers or there'll be trouble? The sort of religion that gets no respect in a country like Australia where nothing is sacred.

Any criticism of Islam brings the the hypocrites out onto the ABC or the Fairfax Press. Probably the Australian Muslim hypocrite with the biggest mouth is Wallyd Aly.

There were many hypocritical articles written about the violent protests in Sydney including:

Mohamad TabbaaMohamad Tabbaa wrote an article for the Sydney Morning Herald titled He's my brother - why angry Muslim youth are protesting in Sydney which included the following rationale:

The reference to corpses made by these protesters is not at all surprising to anybody who has worked closely with the Muslim community. They are referring to those killed in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq; they are referring to the many children killed by US drone attacks; they are referring to the Rohingya Muslims burnt to death in Burma; they are referring to Uyghur Muslims being persecuted in China; they are referring to the daily oppression of Palestinians; they are referring to the war on terrorism which they see as targeting Muslims; they are referring to Kashmir, Guantanamo Bay, Chechnya, and the many other places around the world where they witness injustice and persecution.

So no, this is not entirely about some poor-quality YouTube clip. These youth are basically protesting against the broader context of islamophobia, within which this clip is not only being produced and propagated, but also defended as freedom of speech. Beginning to make sense?

No, actually it makes no sense at all. The death and destruction visited upon the Muslim world by "the West" is a small fraction of the death and destruction Muslims have done and are doing to each other. The injustice, persecution and oppression visited upon the Muslim world by "the West" is a small fraction of the injustice, persecution and oppression Muslims have done to each other and no real injustice, persecution and oppression has been done to Muslims like Tabbaa who live in "the West". Tabbaa is calling the appropriate disrespect and dislike for Islam within the general Australian population "Islamophobia" as if that is enough to discredit it. As information about Islam, its beginnings, history and teachings becomes better known throughout the community that well-deserved disrespect will increase. Islam is inimical to the values of the non-Muslim Australian community.

I'm inclined to think that Muslims in the West are basically protesting in our streets either from stupidity or because they cannot openly discuss the real problems which are the failures of Islam, the nonsense believed about Muhammad and the degradation of the human condition taught in the Quran. These are the real problems that they cannot actually publicly acknowledge.

Randa Abdel-FattahRanda Abdel-Fattah wrote an article on the ABC website: The Privilege to Insult: Freedom of Speech and its Contradictions inspired by the Charlie Hebdo murders

Nobody should die for expressing an opinion, no matter how racist and vile that opinion may be. That such murder occurred in purported defence of the Prophet Mohammed's honour speaks to the twisted and depraved mindset of the perpetrators and proves their credentials, not as enactors of Islamic teachings, but violators.

Ms Abdel-Fatta's article was an impassioned attack on criticism of Islam and "unsophisticated Western hypocrisy and bigotry".

It would be far more convincing if Ms Abdel-Fattah had explained why murder in defence of Muhammad's honour was twisted and depraved now but not when Muhammad ordered such killing himself or during the last 1200 years and why it is not depraved and twisted when it is enshrined in Shariah Law? Am I missing something here? She could also explain why her anger at "Western" killing of Muslims is not matched by public anger at the far, far greater killing of Muslims by other Muslims and why if the West is so hypocritical and bigoted are Muslims far freer in the West than they are in Muslim countries.

Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hellAfter defeat at the Battle of Uhud Muhammad told Umar to answer the crowing of the Meccan commander and Umar shouted out "Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell." So though the Muslims began the war their dead go to paradise and those defending themselves go to hell. Typical Islam. In my darker moods I'm inclined to think Muslim protesters are angry about the failure of Jihad to conquer the world and Islam's obvious powerlessness in a military and political sense. You don't have to buy many books from an Islamic bookstore or spend much time on the internet to see that Muslims are incredibly arrogant about their religion and morality, and go apeshit that we think it's shit and don't give a fuck about it but to the Muslim worldview that's an insult.

Ms Abdel-Fattah also made a vitriolic attack on Paul Sheehan in 'Free speech' used to mobilise hatred of Muslims in the Sydney Morning Herald of May 27, 2013:

In the aftermath of the horrific murder of an English soldier in London last week, Islamic schools and mosques in Australia were on high alert for any acts of vandalism, and many individual Muslims, particularly women who wear the hijab, felt vulnerable to potential abuse. While the Muslim community deals with this kind of hostile environment, Paul Sheehan lost no time in adding fuel to the fire with his Islamophobic invective, Twisting Islam to justify cruelty (May 27).

Sheehan poses as some kind of expert on Islam, quoting verses from the Koran as if the body of sophisticated Islamic jurisprudential methodologies applied to interpret the Koran does not exist. In the logic of Sheehan's world, Muslims seem too uncivilised and primitive to engage in any sophisticated way with the koranic text. Never mind the dynamism inherent in over 1400 years of Islamic jurisprudence, or the continuing dynamic engagement with the koranic text, it is enough for "Sheikh" Sheehan to pull out some verses from the Koran to support his "Islam is evil" rant.

She does not seem to notice that the article title makes it clear that he considers Islam must be twisted to justify cruelty and that he calls the murderers of Drummer Rigby psychopaths not Muslims. Sheehan does show his ignorance of "Islamic jurisprudence" though as he is bewildered by the contradictions in the Koran. The Islamic doctrine of abrogation clears up those contradictions. The Quranic verses entreating kindness were revealed early in Muhammad's career and were replaced by the exhortations to merciless war once he really hit his stride.

Your Fatwaa is WorkingNot only are Muslims openly warring on each other but there is a quiet war going on against modernist Muslims like Waleed Aly, Mohamad Tabba and Randa Abdel-Fatta in Muslim societies from Morocco to Malaysia. They dare not go back to the countries of their ancestors and publicly promote their version of Islam without putting their lives at risk.

According to our home-grown Aussie Muslim experts Islamophobia is caused by racism and arrogance and a lack of appreciation of the glories of Islam which is so disturbing and hurtful to sensitive young Muslim men that they cannot help themselves become radicalised and join groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda where they can assuage their feelings by killing Shia or Sunni or vice-versa, beheading journalists, throwing gays off high-rise buildings, whipping adulterers and stoning them to death, flying aeroplanes into office buildings, adding some authenticity to an Eagles of Death Metal concert or killing two birds with one stone by attacking your work-place Christmas Party looking cool in combat clothing and assault rifles or going on a shooting rampage in a Hispanic gay disco in Florida.

Eagles of Death Metal

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