Will The Real Muslims Please Stand Up So We Can Identify Them

It's not hard to see that there are two opposite stories being told about Islam today. One is that Islam is a religion of peace and one that conquest and imposition of Sharia and Dhimmitude on all non-Muslims is the basis of Islam which means it's not really a religion of peace, is it? There are a few people in Australia saying that they can speak with authority about Islam but why should we accept their credibility?

Susan CarlandSusan Carland? A Melbourne blonde who, probably uniquely, became a Muslim convert at age 19 in 1999 when she found "a beautiful balance of the spiritual and the intellectual" in Islam.

Wafa IdrisWafa Idris? was the first female suicide bomber in the Israeli-Palestinian conflic.t

Sana'a MehaidliSana'a Mehaidli? who, at the age of 16, blew herself and a Peugeot filled with explosives up next to an Israeli convoy in Jezzine, Lebanon killing 2 and injuring 12.

Dzhanet Abdulayeva Maryam Sharipova

Dzhanet Abdulayeva? and Maryam Sharipova? from Daghestan who detonated themselves on the Moscow underground system killing 38 people.

Waleed AlyWaleed Aly? an Australian who embraced Islam in Egypt in 1998 after years of worshipping the Richmond footy team. He is Australia's premier Media Muslim. He believes "all we need is love" to destroy ISIS and that if Westerners just stopped being so arrogant and insulting to Muslims with our cartoons and our attitude and if Pauline Hanson was shoved down a garbage disposal unit we could all join hands and unite at a "Robot Child" concert.

Osama Bin LadenOsama Bin Laden? was born in Saudi Arabia in 1957 and was a part of one of the richest and most powerful families in the most Islamic country in the world. He was a devout Sunni Muslim who studied Islam for decades and worshipped in the mosque in Mecca though he also loved soccer. Naturally, he was an Arsenal supporter. He believed the complete restoration of Sharia was necessary and that Jews were the cause of most evil in the world though he also hated Shia and music - especially electric guitars. He began to wage jihad in 1979.

When we look at their places of origin, the cultures in which they grew up, their years of being devout Muslims and the extent to which they put their beliefs into practice and the close resemblance of their actions to those of Muhammad and his Companions then you'd have to say that Osama and the lady suicide bombers appear to be much greater experts on what it takes to be real Muslims than Waleed and Susy.

I'm being deliberately controversial choosing these examples but what about someone everyone agrees was a Muslim: The Ayatollah Khomeini