Halal Sam and the "Politics of Fear"

Sahand "Sam" Dastyari is an Iranian-Australian and a Labour Party politician. He appears to be an open and likeable guy but then he's a politician so who knows? He chaired the Senate investigation into halal food certification. In a dastardly attack on the ignorant he bamboozled Pauline Hanson - Australia's most famous public bigot - by claiming to be a Muslim even though he's an atheist. This sort of lying is called taqiyah in Islam and it is allowed for Muslims to deceive non-Muslims when facing persecution. Australia's great, noble and scholarly Grand Muftis have issued fatwas saying that sitting beside Ms Hanson - even in the safe space of the ABC - is persecution.

Hanson: "Are you a Muslim? Really? Gee whiz."

Unfortunately, the conversation degenerated as Sam tried not to answer the question and waffled on trying to get Hanson to agree her policy would be to prevent "Muslims" like Sam coming to Australia and Hanson repeated her question. She is nothing if not persistent. The usual ignorant leftist nonsense about Islam was spouted but then it was the ABC. Sam served it up top her:

It is the politics of fear and division and, Ms Hanson - you're incredibly good at it.

Ms Hanson is actually an incredibly inadequate populist politican. Thankfully for Australia. Her only asset is her determination to say what she thinks, no matter how poorly she speaks or how ignorant her views. Sam was 5 years old when his parents escaped from Iran in 1988 and too young to understand what the real "politics of fear" looks like.

He has a very live and let live view of the Ayatollah's Iran, a view of Sam not shared by the Ayatollah. Khomeini pretty well hated everything not included in his view of Shia Islam but he also had a particular hatred of unveiled women, men wearing Western style hats, drinking alcohol, all music, co-educational schools and, no surprise, Jews. * Heaven help Sam if the Ayatollah could see this photo of Sam listening to music, drinking beer with two unveiled women who went to co-educational schools and the woman on the right, does she look a little yiddish to you?

The point of ending Muslim immigration into Australia is not to prevent people fleeing Muslim persecution - no matter if they are culturally "Muslim" - but to prevent Muslims, who submit to a view of Islam that calls for the present or future persecution of non-Muslims, into Australia. Should Sam Dastyari return to Iran and publicly espouse his views about Islam he would be arrested and executed.

In Septemeber 2016 Sam's career ran into a speed bump after it was discovered he was getting Chinese businesses to pay some of his expenses, especially legal expenses. As Sam learnt his Labour Party shmoozing skills by keeping his nose close to Richo's arse I'm sure he'll arise from the ashes and continue his brilliant career.

* For an insight into the Ayatollah Khomeini's Islam see "THE LITTLE GREEN BOOK, Selected Fatawah And Sayings of The Ayatollah Mosavi Khomeini" freely available on the internet.