The Only Thing We Have To Fear

The only thing we have to theoretically fear from Australian Muslims is demographic change which would make them a majority of the population. This would mean descendants of the current Australians could become dhimmis living under Sharia oppression. How far-fetched is this possibility?

The only thing we have to realistically fear from Australiam Muslims is becoming victims of crime. In NSW and Victoria there are 3 times as many Muslim men in gaol as there are Muslim men living in those states. It might be that they are lousy criminals which would be good but it's more likely that the low economic and social prospects of poorly educated and integrated Muslims is the cause of their involvement in crime. Not a great result for multi-culturalism but as the percentage of Muslims with university degrees is higher than the non-Muslim population this may be a temporary phenomenon.

Between 2006 and 2011 the number of Australian Muslims born in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, India and Saudi Arabia increased by 81% from 67,826 to 123,089. One can only hope that these immigrants more closely resemble Rita Panahi than Man Haron Monis else we can certainly expect a rise in Australian Terrorism in Australia. In 2016, 150-300 Australian Muslims had been or were actively participating or supporting ISIS, a maximum rate of about 0.075% of the Muslim population so even assuming there are more unknown Islamists these numbers are not alarming.

According to a Pew Research Center (2015) projection, in 2050 Australia will have a population of 29 million people, 4.9% Muslim = 1,421,000.

The Muslim population figures in 2001 and 2011 (2001 figures from Wikipedia, 2011 figures from ABS) were 281,600 and 476,291. A simple projection from the 2011 population using the 10 year rate of change gives a 2050 Muslim Australian population of almost 4 million (3,905,379) nearly 15% of the Pew projected population of 29 million. The Pew Research Center must be taking significant unknown factors into consideration to produce their figure especially as The Australian Greens are determined to raise the rate of refugee (meaning Muslim) immigration significantly but even their plans would only produce 10 million Australian Muslims by 2050. There has been a large fall in Muslim immigration into Australia though whether it's deliberate government policy or not is hard to say.

The possibility of a Muslim majority of the Australian population is so far in the future that it does not warrant concern at this time especially as Australian Muslims are not nearly as devout as their opponents fear.

The worst possible scenario of a growing disaffected radicalised Muslim minority using violence to terrorise non-Mulism can be easily prevented by ending Muslim immigration into Australia. This will ensure we suffer the least possible future violence and social problems whether we are approaching the Clash of Civilisations or war in the Middle East and Islamic terrorism are temporary phenomena. Large Muslim minorities in Europe are already causing social and economic problems. These are unlikely to improve after the 2015 influx from Africa and Muslim countries. There are plenty of non-Muslim refugees available to assuage Australian consciences and many of these are currently suffering genocide from Muslims.