Muslim Multiculturalism

It's getting to the point where problems caused by Muslims in Europe aren't even worth showing on our TV News shows - except for some of the more murderous.

BeheadWhat has Muslim multiculturalism given us here in Australia?

  • Raised the level of professionalism and violence in Australian drug-dealing gangs
  • Introduced gang violence, knife attacks and car smashing into the streets of Cronulla
  • One brown skinned Channel 10 personality and Gold Logie winner.
  • Unfunny ethnic comedians being supported by the public purse. Nazeem's 2 jokes were slightly more amusing than spending 2 years listening to Lee Lin Chin learn to speak English while reading the nightly news.
  • Continual flow of public purse "feel good" TV documentaries telling us how wonderful illegal immigrants are.
  • Increased community spirit and grass-roots activism as new community groups and political parties are formed: Australian Liberty Alliance, Q Society of Australia, Rise Up Australia Party, Restore Australia Party, Australia First Party, Anti-Muslim Alliance, Patriots' Defence league, etc.
  • Raised the level of professionalism and violence in gang rapes
  • The wit and wisdom of Islamic imams like Sheik "cat meat" Hilali
  • 15 year old kids murdering or hoping to murder strangers in the streets