Same Old Bigotry?

Many media voices claim that that current concerns about Islam and Islamic terrorism - often dismissed as Islamophobia - is just the same old bigotry attacking the new kids on the block:

  • there were the Chinks
  • there were the Kikes
  • there were the Poms
  • there were the Dagos, Wops and Eyetalians
  • there were the Yugos and Balts
  • there were the Gooks and other slant-eyes
  • there were the Towelheads and Curry Munchers

Of course this bigotry is not unique to Australia. Reza Aslan the Muslim turned Christian turned Muslim writer appeared on Australian TV and commented about anti-Islamic sentiment:

This is something common to the United States - Make no mistake - In fact, every single thing that has been said about Muslims, that they are un-American, that they are foreign, that they are exotic has been said in this country about Jews in the 20th century, was said about Catholics in this country, in the latter part of the 19th century, so it's a common occurrence in the United States.

Mr Aslan may or may believe what he said is true but it is nonsense. Jews, Catholics, non-whites, Italians, Poles, Mexicans, Hindus, Sikhs, you name them have all been insulted, derided and suffered from prejudice. But none of these other groups ever emigrated to another country and began organising terrorist activities and killing it's citizens in the name of God. Islamic terrorism by migrants is not confined only to the United States and Australia but to many countries in Europe and elsewhere and is unique in the annals of history.