Ending Muslim Immigration: A Win-Win Solution

Whether you consider all suspicion of and criticism of Islam to be "Islamophobia" - unwarranted prejudice and hatred - or a sensible and well-reasoned response to the origin, history of and teachings of the religion of Islam there is agreement that this attitude to Muslims by a growing majority of non-Muslim Australians has a negative effect on both communities. Many bien-pensant Australians in the political and media elite believe "education" of non-Muslims, feel-good propaganda, surveillance of Muslim communities and criminal sanctions against those Muslims considering or attempting terrorist activities is all that is required.

Halting Muslim immigration into Australia would be a win-win situation. The majority population would have their fears of increasing Muslim terrorism alleviated and this would decrease the criticism of and attacks on Muslims in Australia. The Muslim minority would no longer have to fear increasing social and legislative actions affecting them. The current situation (2016) where there are 4 senators elected to the Commonwealth Parliament on a specific anti-Muslim policy would gradually be defused even if Muslim terrorism increased overseas.

Australia already has a discriminatory immigration policy. The Migration Act of 1958 bars applicants with health conditions, including disabilities, which may lead to use of state medical services. The Migration Act 1958 is exempt from the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. It may require legislation to openly halt Muslim immigration but its not as if minimising Muslim immigration hasn't already begun. On March 26, 2016 it was reported in the Australian:

Mr Dutton said so far fewer than 100 of the 12,000 refugees Australia had pledged to take from war-ravaged Syria or northern Iraq had arrived in the country.
The government has said it would prioritise persecuted minorities in choosing the 12,000, widely understood to be code for non­Islamic migrants.
Christian groups, such as Yazidis, who have been massacred and enslaved by Islamic State in northern Iraq, will be given preference, partly because - unlike Sunni groups - they will never be able to return to their homes.
Authorities will largely pass over refugees from high-risk groups, such as single Sunni men.
The government (2015) has pledged to vet the 12,000 new migrants, subjecting them to biometric checks as well as checking their bona fides with Australia’s intelligence partners.

In September 2016 left-wing and bleeding heart voices began complaining that only 3,400 Syrian refugees had so far been approved for immigration into Australia at government expense and that religious beliefs were taken into consideration in the choosing. Well, thank heavens.