Every Baby is Born Muslim
and Every Biblical Individual was a Muslim

According to the Quran, Islam existed at the beginning of creation and Adam and Eve, Noah and all the Biblical prophets and kings up to and including Jesus (Isa) were actually Muslim prophets and the Old and New Testaments are falsified accounts doctored to hide the truth about the Islamic history of Israel and to provide phony evidence for the false religions of Judaism and Christianity. If all the famous people in the Bible were Muslims then it follows that only the schmucks and shlemiels were Jews or Christians. Why not, after all Islam teaches that every child is actually born a Muslim with a natural belief in Allah and an inborn inclination to worship Him alone. In Arabic this is called the "fitrah." This is why people revert to Islam, they do not convert to Islam. While it's your parents who directly corrupt you from the True Religion of Islam the hand of Satan and his minions plays a part as well. Allah says you would be a Muslim if it wasn't for the Devil.

"An infant is born according to his (true) nature. It is his parents Who make him a Jew, a Christian." - Sahih Muslim Book 033, Hadith 6428
"I created my servants in the right religion but devils [Satan] made them go astray". - Sahih Muslim Book 040, Hadith 6853

All Souls

Everybody actually knows that Allah is God, we just don't know we know. Apparently Allah lined up everyone that would ever be born, divided them up into groups, gave them a body and made them able to speak and then asked them if He was God and naturally everyone agreed, it was a pretty convincing demonstration. Allah did this because He won't allow any excuses for not being Muslim come Judgement Day. Thousands of Muslim scholars have spent centuries of devout, meticulous Islamic reflection on this "revelation" and have determined that there remains no ground whatsoever to interpret the event in terms of mere allegory. Muslim scholars do know that those who aren't Muslim come Judgement Day end up in eternal hellfire - it's nice to see that Muslims and Christians can agree on something.

When your Lord asked all the offspring of Adam (before their birth), "Am I not your Lord?" All of them testified and bore witness to their testimony that on the Day of Judgment they would not say, "We were not aware of this (fact)," - Quran (7:172)

With Islam there's only one real question: is the arrogance greater than the ignorance or vice versa.