Our Muslim Media Stars - Why They Won't Go Back

There are many admirable Australian Muslims involved in publicising their views of Islam in the media. But how realistic are their depictions of Islam as a "religion of peace" that requires deep Muslim scholarship to understand correctly? A more realistic understanding of Islam can be found by examining the Islam as practised by the majority of Muslims in their countries of origin.


Mariam Veiszadeh is a lawyer and a "Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner". She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1984 and arrived in Australia as a 7 year old. She is heavily involved in publicising "Islamophobia" in Australia through the use of social media and has garnered countless awards and titles for this. She has spoken out about the anxiety and depression she suffered due to insults and "threats" she received on twitter.

According to Open Doors, Afghanistan is the 3rd most religiously intolerant country in the world. It is illegal to have any faith other than Islam and converting to another religion is apostasty - punishable by death. Hamida Barmaki (4 January 1970 – 28 January 2011) was a renowned Afghan law professor and human rights activist. She was murdered by a Taliban suicide bomber together with her husband and 4 children in an attack at the "Finest Supermarket" in Kabul.


Yassmin Abdel-Magied was born into a wealthy family in the Sudan. She claims Shariah says Muslims should follow the law of the land they live in. She claims the repressive, genocidal form of Shariah practised in Sudan is due to English colonialism and cultural patriarchy but not to Islam. "The main sources of Sharia law are the Islamic holy book, the Qur’an, and the Prophet Muhammed’s (Peace Be Upon Him) sayings and actions."

Mahmoud Mohammed Taha

Mahmoud Mohammed Taha, (1909 - 18 January 1985) was a Sudanese religious thinker and leader. He developed the "Second Message of Islam", which taught that humanity had reached a stage of development which would usher in a renewed Islam based on freedom and equality. Yassmin's views on Islam are like a little kiddie's version of Taha's. He was hanged by the Sudanese government for apostasy in 1985 during the Second Sudanese War of genocide.

Wally Aly

Waleed Aly was born in Melbourne of Egyptian parents. He is the only Arab winner of the internationally respected Gold Logie. He grew up in a non-religious household and got religion on a trip to Egypt in 1998. He is the most prominent apologist for Islam in Australia: "The number of times I hear for example the charge that well there are verses that talk about killing. It's like well yes, that's true. And the only way really you can understand it and the way that Muslim scholars have always tried …"

Naguib Mahfouz, Nobel Prize Winner

Naguib Mahfouz (December 11, 1911 – August 30, 2006) was an Egyptian and the only Arab winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Like Waleed Aly, Mahfouz believed in freedom of expression and like many Egyptian writers and intellectuals, Mahfouz was on an Islamic fundamentalist "death list". In 1994 an Islamic extremist attacked the 82-year-old novelist by stabbing him in the neck outside his Cairo home. He survived … just.

Randa Abdel-Fattah

Randa Abdel-Fattah is an Australian Muslim lawyer/writer of Palestinian and Egyptian parentage. She attacked Paul Sheehan for his article Twisting Islam to justify cruelty (May 27). "Sheehan poses as some kind of expert on Islam, quoting verses from the Koran as if the body of sophisticated Islamic jurisprudential methodologies applied to interpret the Koran does not exist."

Palestinian Woman

A Palestinian woman applies the teachings of the Koran in a sophisticated Islamic interpretation by stabbing a Jew.

Click here for a sample of verses from the Quran discussing Jews and Allah's disgust and hatred of them and the promise of Jewish genocide.

Ahmer Rahman

Aamer Rahman was born in Saudi Arabia of Bangladeshi parents and grew up angry in Australia in a climate of perpetual fear and hostility "devastated" by racism from both poor and rich. He says Australians are obsessed by pervasive and violent racism and are brainwashed by political parties to believe that should fear and hate "lazy Aborigines, ghettoised migrants, dishonest asylum seekers and suspicious Muslims." He's especially angry that the SBS didn't pick up a second season of Legally Brown.

Raif Badawi

In 2013, Raif Badawi was convicted by a Saudi Arabian court of apostasy and was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1000 lashes. A Saudi lashing is not as severe as the old Royal Navy cat-of-9-tails but it's a hell of a lot worse than anything Aamer suffered in the Australian education system. Raif was not as Islamically politically incorrect as Aamer's criticism of Australian society but what gets you the cash in Australia gets you the lash in Arabia.

Munjed al Muderis

One of the most inspiring refugee stories is that of former Iraqi Munjed al Muderis, illegal immigrant and orthopaedic surgeon in the field of osseointegration (artificial limbs). A non-religious Muslim, he tells his story in "Walking Free" in which he reveals the incredible percentage of false refugees entering Australia.

Munjise Muderis

In 2015 the Lancet magazine reported “Iraqi doctors are getting assaulted, violated, and humiliated, and as a result, more physicians are leaving the country. More than 2000 Iraqi doctors have been killed since 2003." In Australia only deaths caused by doctors are recorded.

The Sudanese Muslim governments have attempted to enforce Shariah on non-Muslims in South Sudan in a 50 year genocidal war. There are 38,000,000 Muslims living in Northern Sudan who at the very least are complicit, if not enthusiastic, about this enforcement of Shariah in it's most repressive form by genocidal methods. Death toll around 2½ million with millions more becoming refugees.

Coptic Christians Collect Body Parts After
Suicide Bomber Attacks Church In Egypt

Today in Egypt, one of the most ancient Christian communities that predates the Islamic faith by hundreds of years is under attack. Today in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is practicing genocide against anyone who follows Christ.  Women and girls as young as 12 are being raped and “converted” to Islam, young boys and men are routinely killed; yet the media remains silent to their plight. In a particularly pointless exercise Pope Francis has gone to Egypt (May 2017) to support the country's persecuted and bombed Christian minority.

Aamer Update:
Aamer Rahman has emigrated to Saudi Arabia where a great satirist can live and perform free from racial vilification disguised as free speech. In Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia a cutting edge comedian can attack any sacred camels. He can draw large and appreciative crowds with his hilarious satires on feminism, environmentalism, child marriage, LBGTQ rights, identity politics, social justice, gender fluidity, gay marriage, safe spaces, female genital mutilation, trigger warnings, micro-agressions and all the things that he knows are fundamentally sacred to his Muslim fans.