Right or Far Right

Any person criticising Islam and calling for the end of Islamic immigration is immediately labelled "far-right" or "extreme-right" as if this label is all that is required to prove they are despicable crazies and their opposition to Islamic immigration requires no reasoned argument to show it is wrong.

I'm no expert on the far-right but these are my opinions on some of the things associated with the far-right.

  • I am not anti-Semitic. I consider the Jewish contribution to the modern world to be astounding and positive from their input into Physics and other sciences to the creation of the entertainment industry and Hollywood. I support Israel in the defense of their nation and citizens.
  • I do not believe Jews rule the world through a secret conspiracy but in light of the prior point I occasionally think it might be better if they did.
  • I am not racist and believe black people are just as stupid and incompetent as white people. The same with other ethnicities.
  • I believe the Holocaust occurred, Hitler was an evil scumbag and neo-Nazis are stupid or have severe emotional problems.
  • I'm glad I live in a country with a welfare state but I never want to go to MacQuarie Fields or any other Houso area.
  • I can get teary on Anzac Day but I'm relieved I didn't have to fight in Vietnam.
  • I believe it would be better if there were no abortions but it's an imperfect world and abortion is legal. Opponents should let God deal with abortion.
  • I believe in traditional family values and traditional gender roles but these are personal decisions and I certainly haven't lived by traditional standards.
  • I don't care about a person's sexual orientation but I don't watch the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.
  • I believe that Muslim citizens of Australia should receive all the protection and freedom of our society but criticism of and mocking of Islam and other religions is part of Australian culture.
  • I think it was a mistake to encourage mass Muslim immigration into Europe but think ideas of a Eurabian conspiracy are far-fetched.

My attitude to Muslims is simple. The larger the population of Muslims in a Western country, the larger the possibility for Muslim social problems and terrorism. There are no perfect societies. There will always be prejudice, there will always be injustice, there will always be anger and envy. Islam, itself deserves no respect. It's creation, history and beliefs do not meet the minimum standards of decency that are now expected of a religion. So Islam will attract more and more criticism as more and more people are persuaded by current events to learn more about it. Expecting Muslims to accept this criticism with humility is probably expecting too much. We can ensure the minimum possible social problems caused by Islam in our society merely by minimising the number of Muslism who live here. That's too right not too far-right.

It is difficult to put your views out in public when they are stongly critical of other peoples' religious beliefs and culture. Especially when doing it will have little effect but may attract strong personal criticism. However, in Australia we all have the right to express our views and so many people express views on this topic I consider false and harmful that I decided to give it a go. It just took time to collect the information from inside my mind, put it through my fingers to the keyboard and ensure I had the facts right.