About This Website

Why have I gone to the trouble of writing this website?

  • I have been radicalised by the constant claims that Muslim Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam which is a Religion of Peace.
  • I have been radicalised by the constant claims that Muslim Terrorism is caused by Western prejudice, racism and Islamophobia.
  • I have been radicalised by the disgraceful fundamentals of Islam, it's history and especially it's treacherous creator Muhammad and his evil creation "Allah".

As Muslim apologists like Reza Aslan or Tariq Ramadan point out there are many different personal interpretations of Islam. I rejoice in every Muslim who has a positive, non-violent, tolerant understanding of their religion. I abhor personal attacks and verbal abuse against blameless Australian Muslims.

This website does not believe Allah exists except as a figment of Muhammad's imagination. Muhammad's "revelations" were figments of his imagination. Constant repetitions of these points will not be spread thoughout the web-site though they should be self-evident. God may or may not exist but in either case Allah is not God. My views on Muhammad and Allah are based on a skeptical and minimalist assessment of their actions and teachings as recorded in the Quran, Sunnah and Hadith. While I understand that positive and extensive extenuations and justifications of these can and have been made by Muslims in the past 1200 years, I am a skeptical pessimist with an eye to the worst case scenario and faith in Ockham's Razor.

The countless stories of Muhammad's evil are all recounted by Islamic sources. His Companions are so bereft of ethical values that they glory in stories of Muhammad's treachery. There is no need to slander Muhammad and Allah. Their viciousness is upfront and undisguised and leaps from the pages of the Quran, Muhammad's biography and the remembrances of his teachings. You can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear and no amount of centuries of thoughtful Muslim scholarship can alter the despicable roots and basic teachings of Islam.

While this website is satirical, sarcastic and often scurrilous all the information about Muhammad and Islam is sourced from authorised Islamic or respected academic or historical sources.