Wally AlyWaleed Aly - Muslim Hypocrite and Liar

On the 16th October 2005 the ABC Compass program showed an episode called "Islam On Parade" starring Wally Aly. Wally was asked a question:

Q: When you look at the Koran there's significant numbers of war verses that incite Muslims to violence and at a political level should you be concerned about that and should you as a Muslim be concerned at those who take a strictly Koranic interpretation of Islam.

Wally: The number of times I hear for example the charge that well there are verses that talk about killing. It's like well yes, that's true. That's probably also true of every religious text on the face of the earth. But the thing about the Koranic text is there are so many more that militate against those. And the only way really you can understand it and the way that Muslim scholars have always tried … I mean, the first rule when it comes to Koranic interpretation in traditional Islamic sciences has been that you look at the historical context in which that particular verse first found its revelation.

  • It's ignorance or a deliberate lie to say that probably every religious text has calls to incite violence but in any case this has no bearing on the question of violence in the Quran. It's merely a way of avoiding the question. For example, Jain religious texts have no calls to offensive warfare or violence and neither does the New Testament. Violence and warfare in the Old Testament is mythical, violence and warfare in the Quran is actual and ongoing.
  • There are not many more verses in the Quran militating against violence than those calling for violence, quite the opposite. The Quran's calls to violence are legion.
  • Quranic scholarly interpretation does require the historical context of the "revelation" to be taken into account. However, virtually all of the Quran promoting violence and offensive warfare was "revealed" after Muhammad left Mecca and these later "revelations" abrogate the earlier "revelations" promoting non-violence. Wally attempts to use the necessity of taking historical context into account in interpreting the Quran to pretend that the warfare verses have been invalidated whereas the truth is the opposite. We usually call this behaviour lying.

In 2005 there probably weren't all that many non-Muslims in Australia who would understand Aly was lying but those days are long gone thanks to increased interest in Islam fanned by Muslim terrorism.

Wally AlyWally is probably the greatest Australian Muslim hypocrite. He holds Australians up to ridiculously high standards of morality and castigates their failure to live up to these standards while ignoring the real evils being done by Muslims. The former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is "morally bereft" according to Imam Wally because he openly states that unrestricted Syrian immigration into prosperous Western countries is socially and culturally damaging and can and should be stopped. But if that makes Tony Abbott a man without morals what is there left to say about people like Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the Caliph of ISIS, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah the leader of Hezbollah and all their followers actually doing the shooting, bombing, gassing and beheading in the Middle East and the others arming and financing them. Is there no difference between them and Tony Abbott? They're all Muslims of various forms so maybe Wally feels it lessens the evil because they've been victims of Islamophobia?

Of course none of those murderous monsters give a fuck about Wally and don't watch the Project so I can fully understand why he prefers to preach to his constituency of the conspicuously compassionate for politically correct causes. As for doing something to ameliorate the oppression and persecution of the millions of Coptic Christians in Egypt where he had his "spiritual awakening" well Channel TEN has no interest in them nor does ABC or SBS so Wally will stick with fixing up Australia.

Wally has written a book: People Like Us. It's been a few years since I read it but I've never forgotten Wally's comment upon Danish writer Care Bluitgen who instigated the Danish cartoons controversy. Bluitgen "appallingly, genuinely advocated that the Qu'ran be publicly desecrated with menstrual blood." Appallingly? Desecrated? It appears Wally isn't quite as modern and sophisticated as he appears. I prefer that menstrual blood, well any blood, doesn't drip on the carpet but that's the extent of my concern. As far as I know menstrual blood has never caused the death of millions of people so I'd say the Quran would desecrate the blood poured on it. Yes Islam still carries those ancient fears and superstitions about menstrual blood, among a host of other superstitious nonsense, being "impure".

It's hard to be part of the morally outraged these days in Australia. Racism? The only disagreements are about how to close the Gap between Aboriginal living standards and the general community. Religion? Australians aren't religious enough to argue with each other. The Catholic and Protestant wars? Only 10% of nominal Catholics go to church regularly and only 5% of nominal Anglicans. Who could bother? But there is one area where the majority of Australians have a view that allows for moral outrage in the minority. The treatment of illegal immigrants into Australia claiming refugee status.

Outraged WallyDetention Centre

Wally is particularly morally outraged by our "disgraceful" treatment of these criminals. They are rescued at sea and taken to resort style accomodation often on tropical islands. These are a lot like the caravan parks many working class Australians (like myself) holiday and even live in. They are fed, housed, clothed and given medical treatment all for free while lawyers paid by the Australian government attempt to prove they should be allowed to live in Australia permanently. Do they take the opportunity of resting, recovering from the persecution they claim they endured and enjoy quality time with wives and children and new friends? No, they're just as likely to threaten suicide, burn down their accomodation and complain as if they're being tortured or beheaded by the Taliban or ISIS. Wally agrees that in Australia we've prohibited torture and abandoned the death penalty though these decisions occurred before he was born. Fortunately there is still work for Wally, we still have "factories for producing mental illness." A perfect situation for a bogus moral crusader. How many detainees can dance on the head of a pin?

After the Islamist attacks in Paris Wally made a speech on TV saying "We all need to come together" to the tune of Yellow Submarine. He also ranted "So, if you are a member of Parliament or a has-been member of Parliament preaching hate at a time when what we actually need is more love - you are helping ISIL." Has-been member of Parliament - do you think he might mean Tony Abbott? There is no MP preaching hate against Muslims and no MP has. Tony Abbott calling for a halt to mass immigration from Muslim countries is not preaching hate, it is advocating a sensible policy for preventing the very thing that Wally is concerned about - an increase in mistrust and fear of and in the Muslim community resulting in more Muslims joining groups attempting to create a world dominated by Islam through terror, war and conquest.

All You Need is Wally

Muslim youth aren't becoming "radicalised" because the non-Muslim community disrespects them and Bogans shout occasional insults. These things happen and have happened to Sikhs, Hindus, Chinese, Vietnamese and in my childhood to Greeks, Italians and Yugoslavs and some minor teenage violence ensued. It passed pretty quickly. Prejudice happens and will continue. It's not only Anglo-Australians who don't respect Islam. Bigotry is legal. We don't have to get together with Muslims. We are not the problem. Islam is the problem.

Waleed on SoniaHere's Waleed explaining how he could pull apart Sonia Kruger's wish to end Muslim immigration into Australia but he's too noble except he does anyway. WTF?

I could sit here and pull apart Sonia Kruger’s statement. I could point out that Japan has had its share of terror attacks, or that the UN has attributed Japan’s low crime rate to low inequality and low gun ownership. I could point out that if Sonia is afraid, logically, as a woman in Australia, she has a much higher chance of being murdered by a man she knows, than a Muslim from another country. … I'm terrified about what it is doing to my friends and family. Honestly, I’m scared about where I belong.

Sonia Kruger was only talking about Muslim terrorism, not far left Japanese terrorists of the 1970s nor Japanese crime rates but Wallyd insists on muddying the waters yet Islamic terrorism is not caused by poverty - think Osama Bin Laden son of a Yemeni billionaire and the 9/11 "pilots" - nor by gun laws but by the example of Muhammad & Salafist -> Wahhabist ->Islamic doctrine. Poor Wallyd is scared, maybe he won't win another Gold Logie but he can always return to Egypt except as he's a modernist, reformist Muslim he would then experience real fear and danger.

Wally preaches to non-Muslims that a millenia of scholarly reinterpretation has created a sophisticated, nuanced Islam in which the arrogance, hatred, intolerance, Jew beheading and calls for conquest have been removed. He is not discussing Islam, the religion of submission created by Jew-beheader and war criminal Muḥammad ibn ʿAbdullāh but Wallyslam the religion he created by picking and choosing those parts of Islam he thought were cool. He might do a lot more good preaching Wallyslam to Muslims so that any young Australian Muslim doesn't feel the need to join ISIL rather than to us. At best Aly attempts to promote a sanitised version of the Islam that he believes in but he pretends that this is the Islam of Muhammad and Allah and the billion other Muslims in the world.

Wally Aly has a blonde trophy wife, Susan Carland but they don't sleep together while she's menstruating because then she's unclean.