Islam and Hate

Any criticisms of Islam and calls for the end of Islamic immigration are immediately labelled "hate-speech" as if this label is all that is required to prove this criticism is invalid and based on prejudice, racism and hatred and there's no doubt there's always a lot of that around. Just because a person is a racist or a bigot doesn't mean that they're wrong about the dangers of unrestricted Muslim immigration into Australia. It's not as if we don't have the the European experience to see the problems of terrorism, rape, gay-bashing and riots that disaffected Muslim minorities can bring.

Australia has a long history of prejudice against immigrants though this was muted through the decades when non-European immigration was not allowed. It's often claimed by the Islamophiles that criticism of Islam which they label "Islamopobia" is the same old prejudice any new group of immigrants has faced. However there is a major difference between the the prejudice against Chinks, Kanakas, Kikes, Eyetalians, Wogs, Yugos, Gooks and Lebs. While a part of it was due to their successful economic competition the major part of the prejudice against them was just they had a slightly different culture, appearance and language. Anti-Semitism is in a class of it's own and in its most virulent form is now mainly found in Muslim societies.

None of these groups of immigrants were involved in the sort of world-wide terrorist campaigns that Muslims are involved in today. None of them had a religion that was also a legal code that was both triumphalist, had a 1,000 year history of aggressive religious warfare at the commandments of their God, or had a social and legal code so offensive to the majority of Australians. In no case have groups of immigrants to Australia, even citizens, left or tried to leave Australia to fight in wars attempting to resurrect a religious empire of oppression. Its not as if only Anglo or Euro-Australians find Islam offensive and Islam's misrule over Armenia, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Serbia and the Balkans, South Sudan and the Egyptian Copts and Islam's attempts at genocide aginst Hindus and Sikhs are hardly likely to be remembered fondly by Australians whose ancestors are from those countries.

Judging by the "Hate Speech" placards I'd say that non-Muslims have far more to fear from "Kaffirophobia" than Muslims have to fear from "Islamophobia".

"Who will set the world free from the children of Israel so that the world will be able to say that it has rid itself of that hidden evil?" - Ismail al-Wahwah of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Lakemba July 25, 2014


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Hate Speech

My attitude to Muslims is simple. The larger the population of Muslims in a Western country, the larger the possibility for Muslim social problems and terrorism. There are no perfect societies. There will always be prejudice, there will always be injustice, there will always be anger and envy. Islam, itself deserves no respect. It's creation, history and beliefs do not meet the minimum standards of decency that are now expected of a religion. So Islam will attract more and more criticism as more and more people are persuaded by current events to learn more about it. Expecting Muslims to accept this criticism with humility is probably expecting too much. We can ensure the minimum possible social problems caused by Islam in our society merely by minimising the number of Muslism who live here.