Prejudice or Postjudice Against Islam

Many elite and media voices claim that that current public concerns about Islam and Islamic terrorism - often dismissed as Islamophobia are caused by ignorance and prejudice. They hope that this negativity can be successfullly combatted if education about Islam is made available and the general population gains an in-depth understanding of the religion/culture. Naturally, these people wish to ensure that this education is done politically correctly in our schools so that the appropriate respectful and submissive attitudes are ingrained in the students. The PC mantras: Islam is a religion of peace, Islam is the last of the great Abrahamic religions, we are all Muslim now, what the world needs now is love sweet love … rely upon indoctrination.

The vain hopes that education is the key are ridiculous and the proof is simple.

The internet has numerous web-sites about Islam and two types - strangely opposite in their attitudes - contain numerous references to the Quran, the Sunnah (the Hadith and the Sirah). The pro-Islam sites are created by Muslims ie people taught the religion as children before they could develop critical faculties and growing up in societies in which it was unacceptable, even fatal, to criticise Islam and often fatal to apostasise. The sites created by non-Muslims which rely on in-depth study by adults and extensive knowledge of Islam with numerous references to the Quran and the Sunnah and the history of Islam are invariably highly critical of the religion and its political and judicial system. They have been created by people who did just what has been advised: educated themselves about Islam and came to critical views because of this. It's the default.